Geometry always fascinated me. Passion for math is in me since childhood, I always have been a friend with numbers. Sequences and patterns, symmetry and rotation are everywhere around us and so in my designs. These rather large pieces involve lots of calculation, but that’s what reflects my inspiration from the start and that’s the geometry and math knowledge. What I want to achieve is movement. When you pass by it, there is movement in my work. From each angle, you can get different feelings or outcomes from the art piece.

Geometry & Mandalas

I get inspired by the beauty of nature around us. Many of my pieces are based on mandalas and geometry. Even mandalas themselves are based on basic geometric shapes like a pentagon, hexagon, heptagon etc., there is always a certain symmetry involve. Its like order in chaos. Mandalas are made by intuition then, I will often just go with the flow of thoughts and feelings.