About me

Miriam Fitzgerald Juskova is a visual artist originally from Slovakia, living in Ireland over 15 years, creating three-dimensional paper artwork.

Miriam graduated as a Furniture Designer and was always inspired by geometry and mathematics, subjects which run strongly in her family, with her mother and sister who both worked as math teachers. Miriam’s work, also known as Paper On Edge, is based on an old traditional technique of paper quilling. By combining this with her passion for mathematics and geometry, she introduces a whole new visual art language.

Each piece is based on a specific mathematical relationship, symmetry or sequence, and usually based on basic platonic shapes. To create each finished artwork she spends hours designing, cutting, folding and glueing paper, in order to achieve the required depth and movement. She approaches the process with a mixture of curiosity and precision. Some pieces are created intuitively, while others are pre-designed with every single cut carefully measured. Colours and textures are architectonically brought alive, fusing mathematics and art together.