Solo Exhibition – 3-dimensional paper wall art; July 2018
REFLEXIONS (a less common spelling of reflection) is a set of 5 pairs of bright colorful framed artworks. 

Many times I have been asked where the inspiration coming from. And this is beautiful example that inspiration is everywhere. In this work, I got inspired by the whole spectrum of colors and wanted to use all of them. Aiming for summer exhibition it’s kind of become a nice summery collection of new work. Each piece has its own reflexion, a likeness when left and right are reversed. It is my interpretation of combining math knowledge and beauty of colors together into simple and not so simple designs. 

Reflexions II series

August 2020 
2nd series of REFLEXIONS (due to high interest and loads of new ideas) is a set of 6 medium artworks  (3 pairs) and 6 smaller artworks of bright colourful framed artworks. 

These REFLEXIONS series II have been outcome of uncertain times during COVID-19 Lockdown when I feel the urge to re-visit this happy theme of colourful artwork. I felt like we all can d with a little bit of more colours.